Why Am I Making These Crappy Clay Things?

Some notes on the clay sketches you will find on this blog in the posts predating March 2014:

These clay sketches are very much unlike the rest of my sculpture and photographs which are labor intensive, carefully finished and generally avoid pop culture references.

After having my life and studio practice completely derailed by two sons, and after 10 years of marinating in pop culture with them, my perspective has certainly shifted.  If I am not too "fine art"  to draw Batman 50 times on a napkin, then I am certainly not too good to sculpt him.  And not that good at sculpting him unfortunately.  Clearly, I need more practice.

These are quick sketches because it is better to make something than nothing.  And because I am hoping that they are going to push my thinking somewhere that spending a lot time finessing a big carefully finished piece is not going to right now.

And I observe that when I am making a lot of stuff, it ends up telling me what it is about.  Instead of me trying to tell the objects what they are about.

That said, I need to make a few hundred more before they are any good.  I am not doing so well at the one a day idea.  It's been more like 3 a week.

I just hope I live long enough.

Thanks for taking a look!

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  1. I dont think they are crappy-nothing like letting the raw ideas come out!